A bylaw is a law of the municipality passed by the municipal council. A bylaw is prepared when:

  1. The council is delegating responsibility;
  2. Residents are required or permitted to do or not do an action under section 8 of The Municipalities Act; and
  3. Provincial or federal legislation requires a matter to be dealt with by bylaw.

The R.M. of Caledonia has several Bylaws to ensure the residents’ safety and comfort. For your benefit and information, the following is a “short list” of those guidelines/bylaws covering the most frequent situations in our community.


A policy means an outward-facing statement which sets standards for the performance of the R.M. as a whole and guidelines for how initiatives and activities will be carried out.  A policy shall be prepared when:

  1. Residents are being informed of the R.M.’s position on a matter;
  2. The council sets the guidelines for the level and manner of service the R.M. will perform related to a specific issue; and
  3. When managing a recurrent outward-facing issue or interactions between the R.M. and the public or outside entities.