Property owners are mailed separate Assessments Notices and Tax Notices.  Each property owner receives a copy of the tax notice at the address we have on file.  Please remember that if the address needs to be changed, this can be done by emailing the office your address change request.

Properties within the residential and commercial tax class will see their tax dollars split between Municipal and Education.

The R.M. mill rate for 2023 is 7.20.  The absolute deadline to receive a discount on the municipal portion is December 30.  We encourage you to place a cheque in the drop slot or to pay online by December 20.  A reminder that paying online can take up to 10 business days for the payment to be processed by the bank, and it will not be receipted until we receive the funds in our bank.

Education property taxes are NOT eligible for a discount.  The Provincial Percentage of Values is 80% of that value for Residential, 55% for Agricultural, 45% for Non-Arable (grazing) and 85% for Commercially assessed properties.

R.M. Council sets the Municipal Mill Rate and Base Tax (if applicable), and the Province of Saskatchewan sets the education property tax mill rates.  Education mill rates did not change from 2019 and are set by the province as follows:

• for all agricultural property, 1.42 mills
• for all residential property, 4.54 mills
• for all commercial /industrial Other Property, 6.86 mills
• for all commercial /industrial Resource Property, 9.88 mills

The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) provides a “SAMA View” website which allows you to search property assessment information in any municipality where assessment services were provided by SAMA and allows comparison of assessments between similar properties.  The SAMA View tool can be found at

SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency)

The provincial government mandates SAMA to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date.  The current revaluation was completed in 2021 using the 2019 base year.  When a revaluation is completed, SAMA provides new values to each of our clients.  Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.

For more information on SAMA, visit

Govt Relations – Understanding Assessment Appeals

Should you wish additional information regarding the school taxes, please contact either a member of the Board of Education or a Local Trustee.