A bylaw is a law of the municipality passed by the municipal council. A bylaw is prepared when:

  1. The council is delegating responsibility;
  2. Residents are required or permitted to do or not do an action under section 8 of The Municipalities Act; and
  3. Provincial or federal legislation requires a matter to be dealt with by bylaw.

The Town of Milestone has several Bylaws to ensure our community’s quiet residential nature and the residents’ safety and comfort. For your benefit and information, the following is a “short list” of those guidelines/bylaws covering the most frequent situations in our community.

The Town of Milestone appoints a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to investigate infractions. This includes (but is not limited to) tickets for on-street parking, RV storage (in months prohibited), weeds, nuisance concerns, and dog violations.

2023-08 ATV Bylaw
2023-05 Golf Cart Bylaw
2023-04 Utility Rate Increase
2023-03 Extension of Time Bylaw
2023-02 Building Bylaw
2023-01 Tax Certificate and Assessment Bylaw
2022-03 Council Procedures Bylaw
2022-02 Mill Rate and Minimum Tax Bylaw
2022-01 Record Destruction Bylaw
2020-02 Private Swimming Pool Bylaw
2006-5MA Animal Control Bylaw 2017-03
2006-4 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw
2006-2 Public Notice Bylaw
2006-1 MA Administrative Bylaw
2005-5 Zoning Bylaw
2005-4 Basic Planning Bylaw
2004-1 General Penalty Bylaw
1-98 Operation of Snowmobile Bylaw


A policy means an outward-facing statement which sets standards for the performance of the Town as a whole and guidelines for the manner in which initiatives and activities will be carried out.  A policy shall be prepared when:

  1. Residents are being informed of the Town’s position on a matter;
  2. The council sets the guidelines for the level and manner of service the Town will perform related to a specific issue; and
  3. When managing a recurrent outward-facing issue or interactions between the Town and the public or outside entities.
11/2023 Public Conduct Policy
10/2023 Office Fees & Procedures