Need to brush up on the rules for backyard bonfires? Want the scoop on chicken coops? We’ve got every bylaw from ATVs to zoning right here!

The Town of Milestone has a number of Bylaws and Policies in place, the purpose of which is to ensure the quiet residential nature of our community, as well as the safety and comfort of our residents. For your benefit and information, the following is a “short list” of those guidelines/bylaws covering the most frequent situations that arise in our community.

The Town of Milestone appoints a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to investigate infractions. This includes (but is not limited to) tickets for on-street parking, RV storage (in months prohibited), weeds, nuisance concerns, and dog violations.

2023-02 Building Bylaw
2022-03 Council Procedures Bylaw
2022-02 Mill Rate and Minimum Tax Bylaw
2022-01 Record Destruction Bylaw
2020-02 Private Swimming Pool Bylaw
2006-5MA Animal Control Bylaw 2017-03
2006-4 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw
2006-2 Public Notice Bylaw
2006-1 MA Administrative Bylaw
2005-5 Zoning Bylaw
2005-4 Basic Planning Bylaw
2004-1 General Penalty Bylaw
1-98 Operation of Snowmobile Bylaw