The Town of Milestone (referred to as “the Town”) is committed to keeping an individual’s personal information confidential, secure and private.  Our Privacy Policy has been designed to inform employees, property owners and third parties of the Town’s commitment and obligation to comply with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP). 

Personal Information Protection Principles

  1. Accountability

The Town is accountable for protecting all personal information within the municipality’s possession or control, including any personal information transferred to a third party for regulatory, legal or processing purposes.  The Town will require equal protection of this information from its third-party relations.

  1. Collection of Personal Information

The Town collects and retains personal information for the following purposes:

  • To process your requests for services or further information;
  • To communicate with you regarding services that you have requested;
  • To identify you if you have a query or concern about the service that you have requested;
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  1. Limiting Use and Disclosure

The Town does not use or retain personal information you provide us for any secondary purposes unless we notify you and gain your permission first.  We will not sell, share, rent or otherwise disclose your personal information to any organization or individual outside the Town unless we ask your permission.  The exceptions to this policy of non-disclosure are stated below.  The Town may disclose your personal information:

  • To companies contracted to process your requests; and
  • For law enforcement purposes.
  1. Accuracy

The Town will ensure that all personal information is as accurate and complete as possible. 

  1. Safeguards

In executing its responsibilities concerning the confidentiality of personal information, the Town will employ several safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information to protect personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.  Such safeguards will include physical, organizational, and technological measures, such as locked filing cabinets, restricted access to offices, security clearances, limiting access on a “need to know” basis, and the use of passwords and encryption.  Procedures for implementing these measures will be communicated to all employees and third parties to ensure compliance with this principle.

  1. Release of Information

The Town Administration Office receives requests occasionally to release and supply information to Realtors, Lawyers, Appraisers, Property Owners, Accountants, and other interested parties.  This procedure addresses the parameters of the release of such information.  In any case, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP) is in place and must always be adhered to.

The following is the Town’s procedure for releasing information to the above parties:

  • Requests from the property owner for property tax information and copies of the property tax statements will be provided to them at a cost as set out by the council’s resolution.
  • Requests for property tax information from realtors, lawyers,  appraisers, and accountants will be provided to them within the parameters of FOIPP and at a cost as set out by the council’s resolution.
  • Requests for copies of property tax statements from realtors, lawyers,  appraisers, and accountants will not be provided unless they provide written authorization from the property owner.  They will be subject to cost as set out by the council’s resolution.
  • Requests for information regarding properties will only be released on the telephone where the information is required to complete a sale of that property.  In all other circumstances, the applicable property owner will be required to produce the original tax notice as supplied by The Town or request a copy of the notice at the Municipal Office at a cost as set out by the resolution of the council.
  1. Individual’s Access to Personal Information

An individual whose personal information is contained in a record in the possession or under the control of the Town has a right to and:

  • On an application made; and
  • On giving sufficient proof of their identity, they shall be given access to the record.  However, the Administration may refuse to disclose to an individual personal information that is evaluative or opinion material compiled solely to determine the individual’s suitability, eligibility or qualifications for employment or for the awarding of contracts and other benefits by the Town, where the information is provided explicitly or implicitly in confidence.

An individual who is given access to a record that contains personal information concerning himself or herself is entitled:

  • To request correction of the personal information contained in the record if the person believes that there is an error or omission in it; or
  • To require a notation be made that a correction was requested but not made.

Within 30 days after a request to have the personal information corrected, the Administration shall advise the individual in writing whether the correction has been made or a notation has been made.

  1. Challenging Compliance

Any interested party may challenge the Town’s compliance with this Privacy Policy by contacting the Town directly.  The Town has policies and procedures to receive, investigate and respond to individuals’ complaints and questions.