Election Procedures for Municipalities

Election Procedures for Municipalities information can be found on the Saskatchewan Government website.  This information is designed to help election officials and municipal administrators to carry out their duties and responsibilities during a municipal election but is also helpful to the general public.  You will find information on all the legislation and Acts, elections and term of office, nomination day, candidate eligibility, and voter eligibility.

General Municipal Election Report – Election Cycle 2018-2020

The 2020-General-Elections-Report analyzes the 2018-2020 general municipal election cycle outcomes and outcomes in municipalities under 300 in the population (2016 Census).

Municipal Election Dates

General elections for each office are held every four years, with the exception of Rural municipalities.  Upcoming municipal election dates are:

  • Wednesday, November 13, 2024, to elect the mayor and councillors in urban municipalities (cities, towns, villages) and to elect reeves and councillors representing odd-number divisions in rural municipalities.
  • Monday, November 9, 2026, to elect councillors representing the even-numbered divisions in rural municipalities.

Residents may also vote in a municipal by-election to choose a new council member to fill a vacated office.

Running for Municipal Office

Information on running for municipal office, the nomination process, campaigning, and nomination and candidacy tips can be found here.  This includes the municipal government structure, council roles and powers, time commitment, running for office, seeking the nomination, becoming a candidate, campaigning and the responsibilities of those elected.


The procedures, acceptable voter identification and polling information can be found HERE