Today Milestone sits on the border of Treaty 4 and Treaty 2 land.

The area of Milestone was occupied by the Cree, Anishinaabe and Sioux long before Europeans ever set foot on the shores of North America.


1893 Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed from North Portal to Pasqua Junction.  A station house along the line was named Milestone in honour of C.W. Milestone, the superintendent of the new Soo Line extension.

1899 The land rush began, and 96 homestead entries were filed between that year and 1902.

1900 Significant settlement began with new arrivals from eastern Canada, the British Isles, other European countries and the United States.

1900 First businessman to appear was John R. Bunn.  His business consisted of lumber, coal, and wood sales.

1901 Canadian Pacific Railway put the Milestone townsite on the market.

1901 Milestone School District No. 595 was established. The first school building was completed.

1902 Milestone School Opened

1902 Milestone Hotel was erected.

1902 Building boom – many stately brick homes and businesses were built, including hardware, barbershop, blacksmith, livery, restaurant, real estate, boarding house, etc.

1902 First Doctor.

1902 The First Sports Day was held.

1903 Milestone incorporated as a village (March 14th).

1903 The Presbyterian Church was erected.

1903 The First fire occurred.

1906 Milestone incorporated as a town (August 15th).

1912 Bethesda Lutheran Church was built outside Milestone to the west.

1920 Saint Aloysius Roman Catholic Church was erected.

1982 Saint Aloysius Roman Catholic Church became a Municipal Heritage Property.

1985 Bethesda Lutheran Church becomes a Municipal Heritage Property.