The court has a 60′ by 100′ paved, lighted and fenced area that features basketball nets, tennis, badminton, volleyball, pickle ball courts and more.  The court is used for various activities, including street hockey and rollerblading, but it also can be used in the winter for Crokicurl.

The facility is open to all free of charge as long as each participant respects the facility and follows the rules. For the safety and consideration of our community members, it is required that you observe the following:

  1.  Individuals utilizing the facility do so at their own risk
  2. Please utilize the parking lot – DO NOT drive on grass
  3. Regular Court Hours (9:00 AM – 10:00 PM)
  4. You may use the court outside of regular hours IF QUIET AND RESPECTFUL
  5. Proper clean, non-marking footwear required
  6. Please share the court or limit play to one hour if others are waiting
  7. Days/times may be designated to certain sports – See Town Schedule
  8. No food, glass containers, or alcoholic beverages allowed
  9. No sunflower seeds or gum
  10. No pets allowed on the court
  11. No bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades
  12. Children under the age of 10 must have adult supervision
  13. No profanity in the court area
  14. Do not abuse nets or other equipment
  15. Do not hang on the basketball rims
  16. Do not climb on the fence
  17. Always practice safety and courtesy to others

Please bring your equipment (clean shoes, rackets, balls, etc.).  Nets for basketball, badminton, pickleball and volleyball are provided.

The following Sport Court Registration Form can be completed to reserve a specific date and time on the court.  When you complete the form, you will receive a response with approval or rejection of the date and time.  We ask that you try to supply twenty-four (24) hour notice for reservations.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Start Time(Required)
End Time(Required)

If you need to cancel the reservation, please email [email protected] with the reservation details (date and time) being cancelled as soon as possible.