The Town of Milestone offers many options for paying taxes, utilities or other invoices, such as:

  1. Banking Online: Set up the Town of Milestone as a “payee.” Be sure to search “Milestone” and choose “Milestone (Town of).” Choose “Tax” or “Utilities.”  Enter your account number, roll number or invoice number.  If you are making a one-time payment such as (use the following accounts and choose utilities);
    1. Swimming lessons – 1111
    2. Development and Building Fees – 2222
    3. Cemetery Fees – 3333
    4. General Office Fees – 4444
    5. Bulk Water Fees – 5555
  2. OptionPay: A secure way to pay using your credit card.  Click HERE to be taken to the OptionPay page.  Fees Rates for OptionPay – Click Here
  3. Pay at the Bank: Bring your tax notice or utility bill and pay at your financial institution.
  4. Interac/Debit: Available by attending the municipal office during business hours.
  5. Drop a cheque in the mail slot: A secure mail-drop slot is located at 105 Main Street on the main office doors.
  6. Mail your payment: You may also mail your payment to PO Box 74, Milestone SK.  S0G 3L0.
  7. Pre-Authorized Debit: The Town can withdraw funds for taxes and utility payments from your account.  For more information or to sign up, call (306) 436-2130 and click here: Fillable – Pre-Authorization Agreement.

E-transfer is not available at this time.

Where do I find my Tax Roll Number?

Where do I find my Utility Account Number?

How many digits do I need for my account number?


BMO – 4 digits

Scotia – 5 digits

Credit Union, CIBC, TD Bank & RBC – 6 digits

Add zeros to the end of your account number until you reach the required digits.  i.e. 290000


Credit Union – 3 digits

BMO & Scotia – 3-4 digits

CIBC & RBC – 10 digits

TD – 11 digits

Add zeros to the beginning of your account number until you reach the correct amount of digits.  i.e. 00000000139