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Aspen Grove Subdivision

Website Link: http://aspengrove.webs.com/


  • Wide selection of large lots;
  • All home designs feature walkout basements, good design practices, and allow for unlimited customization;
  • Homeowners are given the flexibility to live in a custom home at a generic style comparable price;
  • Architectural perimeter fencing offers additional privacy;
  • Access to environmentally friendly park;
  • Committed to exceptional customer service;
  • Collaboratively working with you;
  • Quality homebuilder and craftsmanship; and
  • Homeowner guarantee.

Summary of Common Features:

  • Architectural low-maintenance exteriors;
  • Acrylic stucco, vinyl or cement board siding;
  • Quality stone facing;
  • ICF (insulated concrete forms) on pile foundation;
  • Walkout Basements;
  • 2 car garages;
  • A lot of natural light;
  • ample storage;
  • Large door sizes in bedrooms and bathrooms; and
  • Minimum 42″ clear corridors and clear stair widths