Snow Removal:

Snow clearing starts within 18 hours, or sooner, of a major winter weather event.  One pass is made to open up the streets, and then clearing continues and is done in the following order:

  1. Emergency Routes
  2. Priority (main) Routes
  3. Residential (secondary) Routes
  4. Fire Hydrants

The Towns policy states that snow removal on main streets is a priority. Once priority streets are cleared and sanded, secondary streets will be cleared.

Your cooperation is appreciated in removing vehicles from municipal roads during snow-clearing operations.

Street Sweeping:

Street sweeping operations are performed as needed, typically at least twice during the spring and fall.

Road Maintenance:

Major maintenance of town streets occurs annually. Each year, staff identify large portions of town streets that require the most work and use the approved budget to repair streets. Spot treatment (i.e. filling potholes) is done as needed. Regular road maintenance, including mowing, is done as required throughout town.