The 4-H club has recently become aware that the company that was publishing the community calendar is no longer in business.
We will be working to re-construct the calendar with a printer in Weyburn. We will be going off the information on last year’s calendar, and due to time constraints, we won’t be contacting everyone. If you received a calendar last year, you will get one again this year. If you are new to the community or have just never been added, you are welcome to contact us with your information as well.
ATTENTION ALL BUSINESSES – Your logo and business information will need to be resubmitted so we can continue to include you in the calendar.
If you have any updates or changes to your birthdays/anniversary/memorials, please email these to Carrie Nicholas at or text your information to

Notices for Residents

BACK LANES: There have been some problems when the lanes are used after a rain. Not only do the lanes get rutted up badly but in some instances the adjacent private property has been damaged. Council is requesting your cooperation by not driving in the lanes after a rain until they have dried out. Council also requests that property owners be respectful of property lines in respect to back lanes. There are a number of instances where back lanes are impassable because of improper fence lines, vehicles or trailers and piles of dirt sand and/or refuse. Please be conscious of other property owners and their right to access their property via the back lane.

PARKING In accordance with the town’s TRAFFIC CONTROL BYLAW, council is requesting your cooperation in ensuring that your vehicle(s) (THIS INCLUDES RV’s, Camper Trailers, and Utility Trailers etc.) are not parked on the street for more than a 24 hour period. The extended parking of vehicles etc. is not only in violation of the Bylaw but it also creates undue and unnecessary hardship for street cleaning, street maintenance and snow removal operations. It also creates an unsafe play area for small children as well as being unsafe for the general pedestrian traffic. Also, if you are parking your trailer for extended periods of time on your property and/or on part of the boulevard, please be cognizant of your neighbor. It may be blocking his view or may be causing them an inconvenience you may not be aware of. Your consideration will be appreciated by all concerned.

Also please ensure your vehicle is parked on the right-hand side of the street having regard to the direction in which the vehicle was proceeding. If your vehicle is not parked in that manner and is hit or sustains damage, you may be liable for damages and your insurance may be void. Also, it is in violation of the town’s traffic bylaw and you may be fined if not parked in the proper manner.

A Bylaw to control nuisances which include but are not limited to UNTIDY AND UNSIGHTLY PREMISES (THIS includes abandoned, unregistered derelict and junked vehicles that meets the criteria pursuant to the Urban Municipality Act.)

Our community has always been proud to boast of being one of the cleanest and well kept places in the Province in which to live. This is evident by the number of compliments received by the Town from visitors and ratepayers alike. The council feels it is extremely important to maintain this community driven standard and with everyone’s cooperation council is sure this standard will be maintained and Milestone will continue to be a “Showcase Town” for all visitors.

DANDELION and weed control is an on-going problem. While the town makes every attempt to control these pesky weeds on their property, it is difficult. BE ASSURED THE TOWN IS TRYING. The town also knows that it is just as difficult for the property owner to control dandelions on their property but with a cooperative effort it is hoped that it can be satisfactorily controlled. Your cooperation in spraying your property (and possibility helping your neighbor spray his) is respectively requested. Please contact the town office for the availability of herbicide.


Please ensure your pet is properly registered and licensed at the town office. Annual pet licenses are $10.00 for each pet. The registry ensures proper identification of your pet in the event it is impounded or otherwise required.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS Milestone is currently experiencing growth and with growth comes several new faces to the community. The Administration and Council would like to encourage new residents to get involved. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and to contribute to our community . Each year volunteers make a substantial contribution to your community. The time and effort expended by all volunteers and their respective organization help in providing a great number of community programs, activities and the operation of recreational and other facilities. Without their participation, dedication and commitment to the community many of the services and programs provided in Milestone could not be funded or achieved. All are important and play an integral part in the development and betterment of our community. The numbers are varied and many and each individual volunteer is as important as the organization itself. There can never be too much emphasis made of the important contributions you make to the community.

The RCMP relies on public assistance with policing matters in the community. The following are some ways your assistance can be given.

  1. Driving offenses – contact the RCMP with the appropriate information i.e.: time, place, vehicle and driver if known. The RCMP will follow up on this information and issue the appropriate summons.
  2. Loud and/or annoying noises i.e.: House parties/dogs continually barking – An overly loud and obnoxious house party creating an annoyance should be reported. Appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the town’s bylaws.
  3. Thefts, break-ins etc. – Any vehicles, persons or situations which you feel may be suspicious in nature should be reported to the RCMP, again giving the pertinent information, so the appropriate action can be taken by the RCMP

If you have a policing concern please call the RCMP. Remember, an attempt to resolve the problem can only be made if it is reported.

Yearly Compliance Report for Drinking Water

Saskatchewan Environment “Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Regulations” requires that at least once a year waterworks owners (The Town of Milestone) provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied, as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by the “Permit To Operate Waterworks”. This is to notify, pursuant to these regulations, that a summary of the Town of Milestone’s water quality and sample submission compliance record for the January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020 time period is now available at the town office. This information can also be seen on line at